Lets Talk About.... THE STARS PLAY


THE STARS PLAY was founded by April Denée (pronounced Denāe) who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee then later relocated to Chicago, Illinois, to pursue a career as a flight attendant.

She has for as long as she can remember, been a quality over quantity type of individual, which drives her to push for Star Quality products for her customers. She has had a fasination and a love for Stars,The Stars, as well as fashion since a child, which includes the Constellations as well as the people who have changed their lifestyles to become BIG STARS in our eyes over the centuries! THE STARS PLAY community is to inspire the undeniable STAR within each and every customer. We want everyone who wears THE STARS PLAY to be the CENTERPIECE of whatever room they choose to grace with their presence!

In the words of the Comedy Star, Katt Williams, "Tap into your STAR PLAYER!" THESE are the words that we want to ring loud to our customers. Tap Into Your Star Player, Wear THE STARS PLAY!